There are a lot of job boards online and many offer similar promotional/advertising products which allow you to promote your jobs. Zip Recruiter is one of the most prominent of these job boards. It’s up there with Monster, Jobs2Careers, and CareerBuilder (not quite Indeed’s level, but then again no one is so…). ZipRecruiter is a lot like these other sites except that it’s designed for staffing/recruiting. The big difference is that Zip Recruiter offers a Pay Per Click (PPC) service via email alerts called Zip Alerts.

Zip Alerts

Zip Recruiters email based PPC service allows you to target qualified candidates in their inbox on a daily basis. The service is pretty effective and often yields conversions (applicants/candidates) for the same price if not cheaper than Indeed. Here’s how it works. When a candidate goes to ZipRecruiter, or one of their tertiary job boards, they perform a search and get the option to receive email alerts about similar jobs. Those alerts get sent to their inbox whenever there are jobs that fit their search criteria. If you’re in the Zip Alerts program you get priority over all other jobs and appear in better positions, more frequently than organic jobs. When a candidate clicks on a link for your job they go directly to your website. Since it’s Pay Per Click you only pay for performance. Unlike many other services that you pay a flat fee and hope for the best ZipAlerts allows you to maximize your budget.

Success Stories

I’ve worked with dozens of IT/medical staffing companies who have used ZipAlerts. While managing the advertising for these clients ZipAlerts has been a staple. While Indeed was always the largest source of leads for my clients, ZipAlerts was a close second and it consistently yielded high quality leads at a great price.

Most of my experience with ZipAlerts has been in the medical staffing arena and it’s been great for travel nursing & allied healthcare. A few of my past IT staffing clients have used it and had a lot of success. There is a limit to the amount you can spend before you start to see diminishing returns on your financial investment but it’s close to on par with Indeed. As in most cases it depends on the amount of jobs you have, as well as the different specialties and cities/regions in which they’re located.

Of course Zip Recruiter also allows you to post your jobs which then get circulated through their network of job boards and they even offer branded landing pages that allow you to collect applications in a mobile friendly environment.

Getting Started

ZipRecruiter has a great staff. I met some of their people at industry conferences over the years and they have been invaluable in providing support with their products and services. The best way to get started is to reach out to their sales department and get in touch with an account rep.

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