Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

We create and implement innovative marketing strategies for our staffing clients. These strategies are centered cater to candidates and clients in your industry. We deliver detailed marketing plans with messaging that showcases your strengths and core values. We identify areas of improvement while optimizing existing efforts. Our marketing consulting services ensure that you’re at the top of your game.

Expert Insight

The Staffing Nerd team has been around the block. We come from creative and digital agency backgrounds and have excelled in the staffing industry for years. We got you.

The Big Picture

We’ll investigate your current strategies to identify areas of potential improvement and deliver detailed reports laying out the future implementation of tactical advances. Let us become an asset to your marketing team.

Outside The Box Thinking

Over the years we’ve had to innovate or fail. Which means we’ve tested tons of crazy ideas. Turns out, a lot of them are effective. Work with us to get away from boring stagnant advertising.

Flexible Billing

We’re here when you need us, how you need us. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need. In order to do that, we don’t have cookie cutter packages. Every statement of work is unique to the client.

Are you looking for experienced marketing consulting for a new strategy, critical project, or future initiative? Do you need an extra set of eyes on your current marketing provider to ensure you’re being taken care of? Is your team overwhelmed or inexperienced in the various elements of your marketing strategy? Staffing Nerd offers complete marketing consulting services to solve all of these problems and more. By retaining our time you gain access to the brilliant minds of Staffing Nerd. We can investigate your current strategies to find holes in performance. We can research your competition, your market space and the efficacy of your efforts to generate detailed reports which create actionable insights for future progress. Our time can even be used to fill in gaps in your current marketing teams workflow. The benefit of retaining our time for consulting is that we’re flexible and are able to deliver precisely what you need to succeed.
The staffing industry is unlike any other. In no other business are you dealing with human capital while having to sell your product to customers as well as selling the customer to the product. Finding a marketing expert who understands both advertising and the staffing industry well is hard to find. We’ve heard countless times that our clients former agency couldn’t cut the mustard because they didn’t understand the industry. We hope that in working with us, you’ll see the difference.

Work with the agency that knows your business

Staffing Nerd knows the staffing industry. Work with us and increase your bottom line.