Email Marketing

Our email marketing services are constructed with the bigger picture in mind. We don’t just design an email template or write a compelling subject line. We build an infrastructure for email marketing that serves to bolster all your marketing efforts. Email marketing with Staffing Nerd is custom tailored to the staffing & recruitment industry. The campaigns we create have a multitude of goals ranging from brand awareness to generating applications. In addition, email marketing builds trust, loyalty and can be an effective aspect of a robust remarketing campaign.

Email marketing encompasses more than just sending out emails. In order to be effective, strategies must be implemented to capture, collect and organize contacts. Campaigns must be created with goals in mind and content must be curated for each individual target audience. Timing your email marketing campaigns correctly and coordinating them with other marketing efforts is also important.

Gather More Leads From Email Today

If you’re not running email marketing campaigns for your staffing agency, you’re missing out on capturing leads from qualified job seekers.