Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

We produce results with performance based marketing strategies. From start to finish we provide concept, creative, campaign implementation, and performance reports on digital marketing that fits your needs.  Our experience in staffing enables us to identify issues unique to the staffing industry during the audit process and provide immediate solutions. Our digital advertising services ensure that you’re at the top of your game.

Expert Insight

The Staffing Nerd team has been around the block. We come from creative and digital agency backgrounds and have excelled in the staffing industry for years. We got you.

The Big Picture

We’ll investigate your current strategies to identify areas of potential improvement and deliver detailed reports laying out the future implementation of tactical advances. Let us become an asset to your marketing team.

Outside The Box Thinking

Over the years we’ve had to innovate or fail. Which means we’ve tested tons of crazy ideas. Turns out, a lot of them are effective. Work with us to get away from boring stagnant advertising.

Flexible Billing

We’re here when you need us, how you need us. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need. In order to do that, we don’t have cookie cutter packages. Every statement of work is unique to the client.

Staffing agencies live and die by the sword of digital advertising. The primary method staffing firms like yours get new candidates to your website is through pay per click advertising (PPC). Whether its on job boards like Indeed, display ads on Facebook & Googles ad network or search engine advertising, it’s all PPC. Our experience in staffing and digital advertising allows us to perform above and beyond other marketing agencies when it comes to PPC. Our services include everything from job title & description optimization to campaign setup and performance optimization. We can assist in setting up and managing A/B testing, conversion optimization, social media advertising, job board campaigns and much more. Let’s connect and discuss how we can take your digital marketing performance to the next level.

Reach More Candidates & Clients Than Ever Before

With Pay-Per-Click Advertising from Staffing Nerd you’ll experience a monumental shift in performance online. Reach out today so we can get to work for you.