Full-Service Marketing & Design For The Staffing World

We offer a unique full-service marketing & design experience for recruitment firms and companies in the staffing industry. Our magnificent team is made up of expert marketers, designers, writers, developers and creative minds who have spent more than a decade honing their skills in the staffing industry. We know what it takes to grow your business. Check out what we offer.


We create and implement innovative marketing strategies for our staffing clients. These strategies are centered cater to candidates and clients in your industry. We deliver detailed marketing plans with messaging that showcases your strengths and core values. We identify areas of improvement while optimizing existing efforts. Our marketing consulting services ensure that you’re at the top of your game.


Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising services are custom tailored for staffing agencies. Having worked in the staffing industry as marketing experts for several years we know the nuances of the industry that other advertising agencies don’t. In addition to providing PPC services on major ad networks such as Adwords, we also provide marketing services on Indeed and other major job boards.


Staffing Nerd’s Search Engine Optimization services for staffing agencies cannot be compared to any other agency. We know the many intricate and unique issues that arise from being a staffing company. We know how to implement strategic actions to mitigate those issues employ cutting-edge tactics to grow your business’s presence in search engines. From technical SEO to creative solutions, we’ve got you.

Web Design

Staffing Nerd designers & web developers have spent their careers honing their craft to become some of the most talented professionals in their field. With years of experience building custom websites for staffing agencies, we know what it takes to build a successful site that converts candidates into hires. We have the ability to tie together any ATS, fully integrating your jobs into your website.

Content Writing

Content drives action. Whether it’s in the form of an optimized article that candidates find searching Google or a clever call to action, our team of experienced content creators will take your passion & core values and turn it into a message that will resonate with your clients and applicants. We write for social media, website messaging, press releases, blog content and much more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing encompasses more than just sending out emails. In order to be effective, strategies must be implemented to capture, collect and organize contacts. Campaigns must be created with goals in mind and content must be curated for each individual target audience. Timing your email marketing campaigns correctly and coordinating them with other marketing efforts is also important.

Print & Promotions

Print isn’t dead. Anyone that tells you that is trying to sell you digital. Whether it’s in the form of business cards, handouts, shirts, newspaper/magazine ads, or promotional products there are ample opportunities for marketing with print design. The staffing industry relies heavily on conferences which is one of the reasons print media is still prevalent among staffing agencies.

Work with the agency that knows your business

Staffing Nerd knows the staffing industry. Work with us and increase your bottom line.