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If you’re new to Staffing Nerd, there are two ways you can learn more about the industry we serve, the topics we care about, and the way we work. We encourage you to check out our blog, featuring articles published on LinkedIn on recruiting and sales. You’ll also find content related to staffing conferences, which are a great way to accelerate your executive knowledge base.

After you’ve read a few blogs and researched us online, consider taking our team for a test drive with a Free Marketing Review. We primarily provide assistance in job board marketing and pay-per-click advertising, though we can review other aspects of your marketing operations as requested. After we learn about your processes and provide recommendations, you can pick and choose what to implement.

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Introducing WP Staffing by Staffing Nerd

Introducing WP Staffing by Staffing Nerd

An introduction to WP Staffing by Staffing Nerd. Tackling Issues Unique To Staffing If you’ve been working in staffing-related marketing or operations, you understand that much pain is caused by the technical aspect of staffing, specifically around dealing...

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Our unique combination of agency and in-house experience enhances our ability to deliver for your staffing company. We’ve solved so many of the problems that plague the staffing & recruitment industry and are able to pass that experience on to you. Whether it’s technical search engine algorithm problems, difficulties connecting your website to your applicant tracking system or reaching a greater number of candidates and capturing more leads, we can help optimize your business performance through marketing.