2020 has been a wild ride of a year so far. Nearly every industry has experienced some sort of disruption or decrease/increase in demand. We see the side effects of this in the form of job demand (who’s hiring for what positions). LinkedIn’s monthly job demand report paints us a picture of which industries are thriving and which aren’t. If one of your verticals involves staffing for one of the professions listed in their report its safe to say you should be doing alright during these trying times. If you don’t see your vertical here, it might be worth considering shifting your focus to staffing in an industry or profession that’s in greater demand. Without further ado, here’s the report.

Most In-Demand Jobs August 2020

LinkedIn data shows that the most in-demand jobs for August are, in order:

  1. Salesperson
  2. Food Delivery Driver
  3. Registered Nurse
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Store Associate
  6. Cashier
  7. Financial Advisor
  8. Stock Clerk
  9. Training Supervisor
  10. Project Manager

Summary: What we see here shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Sales positions are always in high demand and during times of volatility sales positions often jump to the top of this list. Some newcomers to this list include Food Delivery Drivers. These jobs have increased as more and more people opt to stay home and have their meals and groceries delivered to avoid exposure to COVID. Registered Nurses are almost always near the top of this list and it’s no surprise that they’re here now. Medical facilities have undergone some major changes in recent months and demand for travel nurses has increased along with it. Travel nursing agencies who are able to pivot and capitalize on the increased demand will do well. The more flexible you are the better in times like these. Making sure you offer great pay and benefits will keep your travel nurses coming back contract after contract. This is not the time to get greedy. Retail positions are also in high demand for several reasons. 3.5 of the positions on this list are retail-related. If you’re involved in retail staffing now is the time to build connections with clients. Candidates should be easy to come by, if not you may want to evaluate your marketing efforts and brand for issues.

Most In-Demand Remote Jobs August 2020

LinkedIn has also provided a list of remote jobs in highest demand for the month of August, 2020:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Software Architect
  3. DevOps Engineer
  4. Account Manager
  5. Back End Developer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Account Executive
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Sales Development Representative
  10. Full Stack Engineer

Summary: Remote work has increased at rates unmatched by any previous time period. It’s no wonder that the most in-demand remote jobs are in IT as these were already among the most common remote positions. Sales, account management, and project management positions also find themselves on this list. Support staff and IT positions go hand in hand. As more offices close their doors permanently preferring remote home offices instead we should continue to see an increase in remote sales, project management, and account management positions to go along with the remote software positions.

Most In-Demand Skills August 2020

LinkedIn reported that 83% of the jobs listed in previous months included the following skills as requirements:

  1. Communication
  2. Business Management
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Data Science
  5. Data Storage Technologies
  6. Technical Support
  7. Leadership
  8. Project Management
  9. Digital Literacy
  10. Employee Learning & Development

Summary: This reflects the job trends from above. Software and IT skills such as Data Science, Data Storage Technologies, Technical Support, and Digital Literacy are all in high demand. Skills common for retail, training, sales, account management, and project management are also in the highest demand.

For Job Seekers

If you’re looking for a new job right now LinkedIn is a great place to start. Updating your profile will go a long way with landing a new position. This is especially true if you keep your ear to the ground and apply the information above to your work history. If you’ve ever had a role with some of the skills or duties that align with the most in-demand jobs for August consider making those more prominent on your profile.

For Staffing Agencies

It’s important to think about this data in terms of a business opportunity but don’t lose sight of the human element. A lot of people are struggling right now so make sure you take care of your contractors and remember to be compassionate in your work. If you’re in a position to shift your focus from a vertical that’s struggling to one of the higher demand verticals it might be worth your effort. If you’re staffing for remote positions make sure you have telecommute schema set up for your job listings in order to appear in Google job search results as work from home positions.

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