There are a few different ways to promote jobs on Indeed including an automated feed method that allows you to setup campaigns. In this post we’ll be covering how to create a manually posted job (also known as Indeed hosted jobs).

After you’ve created your account go to “Employers/Post Job” then click the blue button on the right hand side of the screen that says “Post Job”

From here you can enter a job title, description and additional details such as requirements, experience and special questions you want to ask the candidate as they apply.

After that, set your budget and click continue. There will be one last screen to verify your information is correct before you submit the job for promotion.

Note: You can choose to keep the job free, although it will get fewer impressions, clicks and applications if you don’t sponsor the job.

Promoting Jobs
There are two different methods for promoting Indeed hosted jobs. The first and more straightforward method is called “Simple”. It allows you to set a monthly or daily budget for the job. This method uses Indeed’s Bid Optimizer tool which sets a competitive bid for you based on what other advertisers are bidding. This can get expensive when all other advertisers are bidding high or using Bid Optimizer as well.

The second method (which I prefer) is called “Advanced”. Advanced bidding allows you to set a lifetime budget for the job and set a maximum cost per click bid. This Max CPC is the most you’re willing to spend on a click. This can be a more effective way to get more applications for cheaper. But it’s also more difficult and requires more experience in the industry.

I recommend starting low and increasing your bid as you monitor performance. Also, the more competitive the industry and the more requirements there are for the positions (nurses, developers, etc.) the higher you’ll need to set your Max CPC. For more entry level jobs (sales, retail clerks, etc.) you can bid lower and get better results.

Watch The Video From Indeed

The giphy’s from above have been taken from this Youtube video produced by Indeed.



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