Staffing companies considering a digital growth strategy must embrace the concept of outsourcing marketing operations to reduce complexity, overhead, and management. When done correctly, working with marketing agencies that focus on staffing will reduce considerable time, money, and other resources.

This blog post is the second in a series to help staffing business owners and marketing managers efficiently create a framework for tactical lead (client or candidate) acquisition. Learn how to avoid destructive efforts and implement sound best practices to make informed decisions through the process.

Using an agency for horizontal integration provides for marketing, creative, and development resources to help grow your team without the management or overhead.

Finding a company to outsource your marketing operations is perhaps the hardest part of the whole process. Start with your own professional network. After that, you may need to engage an industry insider to hear who has the best portfolio. Always keep in mind ‘why’ you’re pursuing an agency and share that perspective with your business partner or investment banker. Understanding your reasons and motivations will help him/her guide budget allocation and advise accordingly.

Beyond the day-to-day management of your marketing operations, finding a company that can conduct digital marketing initiatives on your behalf will greatly increase your internal attention to offsite, offline activities. There are three topics of consideration when approaching a firm or comparing a new one to existing resources.

Hand-Picked Network

The right agency will have personal relationships with every single individual in their expansive network. Look to them to jump-start your selection process by providing only pre-screened, well-qualified, ready-to-work candidates.

Industry Insiders

You need more than a staffing company. If you can, find have a full-service digital agency under the same roof, and use their own in-house digital strategists and marketing professionals to find and source talent for your needs.

Post-Placement Support

Placing a candidate is just the first step in a long journey. Look for an agency that is willing to stay connected to your candidate lifecycle and give you the tools you need to stay successful and productive over the long haul.


There is a multitude of ways that staffing marketing agencies can provide support to your company. If you’re a classic staffing firm, you may be focusing on developing social media plans and blog posts to keep your web visibility fresh in social feeds. Modern firms may require more technology-intense architects to fix complex issues or build custom software integrations with your technology partners.

Common agencies can find or fill the following roles, as they relate to building your web presence into an engine for producing client requests and candidate applications:

  • User Experience

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • SEO / SEM Professionals

  • Copywriters

  • Project Managers

  • Front-End Developers

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