Clickbait Content For Staffing Agencies

What Is Clickbait?

Clickbait content is designed to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link or complete an action. On Social Media, this takes on the form of clickbait headlines and titles that entice users to click, comment and share the original publisher’s post. This can be used to generate traffic to your website, and if targeted correctly generate leads from qualified candidates. Clickbait is most often seen on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but can also be seen on display ads from around the web including on Adwords display ad network.

Using The Clickbait Headlines Below

The Clickbait Headlines listed below should be used in tandem with blog posts or landing pages. It’s not enough to just get the user to visit your website, you want them to complete the desired action (applying for your jobs). That means producing content that’s analogous to the clickbait title and valuable to your reader. See examples after the Clickbait Formulas in the table below.

How ToHow To [Achieve Desired Outcome]How To Earn More In A Travel Position
Ultimate List[Number Of Ways] To [Achieve Desired Outcome]7 Ways To Retire Young
Ultimate GuideUltimate Guide To [Topic Of Interest]The Ultimate Guide To Healthcare Recruiting
Proven Methods[Number] Proven [Methods/Ways] To [Achieve Desired Outcome]10 Proven Methods To Advancing Your Career
Mistakes[Number] Mistakes [Target Audience] Make [Action]10 Mistakes Travelers Make On Assignment
ImagineImagine [Desired Outcome]Imagine Exploring A New City Every 13 Weeks
Secrets[Number] Secrets To [Achieve Desired Outcome]10 Secrets To Earning More Money
Lessons[Number] Lessons Learned From [Action]10 Lessons Learned From Travel Nursing
Social Proof[Social Proof][Desired Outcome or Action]The Reason Thousands Of Nurses Choose Travel
Testimonials & Quotes[Quote From A Testimonial]How Working With Generic Staffing Changed My Life
Question[Provocative Question]Are You Still Working In A Perm Position?
Silver Platter[Number] Simple/Easy Ways To [Achieve Desired Outcome]10 Easy Ways To Save More For Retirement
ExplainerWhy [Thing] [Outcome]Why Perm Positions Makes You Complacent
Steps[Number] Steps to [Achieve Desired Outcome]3 Steps To Improving Your Health
QuizesQuiz: [Which/What/How] [Quiz Topic]?Quiz: Which Kind Of Nurse Are You?
Reasons[Number] Reasons [Outcome]10 Reasons You’re Not Earning As Much As You Could
Hacks[Number] Hacks/Tips to [Achieve Desired Outcome]10 Hacks to Burn Extra Calories and Stay Fit
Call To Arms[Call To Action]Speak Up For Gender Equality!
ObjectionNo/Yes, You [Pre-Empt Objection] to [Action or Outcome]No, You Don’t Have To Stay At Your Current Job
WarningWarning! [Something Undesirable][!/?]Warning! Your Job Could Be Killing You!
Outrageous Claims[Outrageous or Controversial Claim]You Have To Travel Or You’ll Die Unhappy
Command[Strong Command]Stop Leaving Money On The Table
KnowledgeWhat You Don't Know About [Topic]What You Don’t Know About Saving For Your Future
SolutionsWhy [Problem] (And What to Do About It)Why You’re Getting Seasonal Affective Disorder (And What You Can Do About It)
RemindersReminder: [Claim or Truth]Reminder: You Could Be On An Adventure Right Now
ComparisonsAre You More Like [X] or [Y]?Are You More Of A Geek Or A Nerd?
Keyword[Keyword]: [Supporting Keywords]Travel Nursing: How To Make More Money As A Nurse
Promises[Promise of What Your Firm Will Do]We Can Help You Travel More
Curiosity[A Vague Statement to Trigger Curiosity]These Traveler Stories Will Make You Giggle
Inspiration[Ideas or Inspiration for Target Audience]Christmas Shopping Ideas for Nurses
Bite Sized[4 Words or Fewer Summarizing Topic or Making Claim]You’re A Hero
Fortune Teller[A Claim as if You Know the Future]You Will Be Happier In 2018
Signs[Number] Signs You're [Status or Outcome]10 Signs You're A Brilliant Developer
Urgency[Action] NOW!Start Saving For Your Childs College NOW!

Examples of Implementing Clickbait Content Strategies

You’ve chosen a clickbait subject and now you want to execute a targeted campaign online. But how? Start by producing a piece of content that works with your headline. For instance, if I was going to use the headline “10 Reasons Clickbait Content Works For Staffing Agencies” I would want to produce a piece of content that lists the 10 reasons clickbait content is effective for staffing agencies. The title of the post and the subject don’t have to be exactly the same. I might choose to use the title “10 Ways Clickbait Is Effective In The Staffing Industry” for my blog post and cater the post toward the industry as a whole rather than to a specific agency. The sole purpose of the content doesn’t have to be clickbait traffic as well. I may choose to write a blog post that’s optimized for search engines that can also be used for driving clickbait traffic to my site. You’ll want to write your post well and make it entertaining or valuable in some way. That may be by making it a resource, a guide or including some other intrinsic value (free Ipad anyone?).

Once you have your content produced you’ll need to create an ad. Every social platform and ad network has their own rules and specifications for ad sizes, text on display ads, and ad copy that can appear alongside the ad itself. Choose an image that works with your subject and incorporate your clickbait headline into ads according to these specs.

After sharing on your social channels you may think you’re finished, but you’re not. Unfortunately for most staffing agencies engaged audiences are hard to come by and in order to get your content in front of potential candidates and clients you need to promote your content. Boosting posts on Facebook is a start but you may also want to run display ads on other ad networks such as Adwords. If you haven’t yet set up remarketing that’s another option that will allow you to target users who have already visited your website (and even target those who have visited but haven’t applied).

If you find yourself struggling with any of this information, don’t feel bad. It’s pretty complicated. Reach out to us and we can assist you in setting up a clickbait campaign for your staffing company.

You've Read The Guide To Clickbait Content...

What’s next? Our Clickbait Content Guide is pretty in depth and you may be wondering where to go next from here. Give us a shout and we can walk you through how to implement and execute a goal-oriented clickbait strategy.

The clickbait formulas above have been constructed over years of marketing in the staffing industry. Some of them are universal to traditional clickbait constructs while others are unique to Staffing Nerd and the staffing industry. Many of the traditional clickbait concepts in this guide have been altered to target candidates rather than clients and speak to unique pain points that are specific to recruitment firms and staffing companies. We appreciate your participation in the discussion and ask that if you use this article, reference it with a link so that our hard work is credited appropriately. Thanks!

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