Introducing WP Staffing by Staffing Nerd

Introducing WP Staffing by Staffing Nerd

Staffing Software built for your WordPress site.

An introduction to WP Staffing by Staffing Nerd.

Tackling Issues Unique To Staffing

If you’ve been working in staffing-related marketing or operations, you understand that much pain is caused by the technical aspect of staffing, specifically around dealing with the limited functionality and performance of web application integrations. As experienced marketers and developers solely focused on how technology impacts staffing and hiring nationwide, the team behind Staffing Nerd sees this as a problem worth solving. Our drive to fill some of the major gaps in technology pushed us to evaluate how job listings are published and disseminated online.

One of the most common issues we deal with relates to the setup, configuration, and optimization of WordPress-related functionality. While addressing these issues we built elegant solutions which have grown into tools now accessible to the greater staffing community. WP Staffing is our answer to the question of how to build a job board with cost performance and reliability top of mind.

Cost Performance

Upfront costs can cripple budgets and hinder investment in other areas. There can often be penalties related to changing services & technology partners. You may find that your applications need to be rebuilt to route information properly between an application tracking system, on-site job board, and API feeds. Constant delays can add an unnecessary layer of stress and can harm your bottom line. By reducing upfront costs and eliminating slow implementation periods we’ve been able to mitigate these issues.

WordPress Reliability

In an effort to make our tools accessible we turned our attention to WordPress. If you’re not familiar, WordPress is a content management system and online framework used by one out of every three websites on the Internet today. Our team is very familiar with WordPress, developing on the platform for much of our careers. Nearly 90% of the websites our team has developed and maintained run on WordPress. This pushed us to consider how we can supplement existing applications and plugins to create a solution that offers flexibility and reliability. These tools are designed specifically for the staffing industry, solving problems unique to your business. Introducing WP Staffing.

Before we let you dive into WP Staffing, it’s important to understand how it works with the existing WordPress ecosystem. We asked Peter David, a senior developer, to help bridge the gap and gain a sense of what currently exists and why WP Staffing fills a need currently unmet, even by enterprise staffing developers such as Bullhorn.

How WP Staffing Works

Can you give us a rundown of how WP Staffing works?
So, the plugin hooks into a plugin by Automattic called WP Job Manager, and what Job Manager can do is either set up a simple job board for people that want to just post a couple of internal job postings, or it can help you create a job board on your website that people will pay to submit listings to your job board.

How We Cater to The Staffing Industry

This seems like a functional plugin for non-staffing companies. There are nuanced needs for staffing companies specifically that are sought out. How does WP Staffing handle these?

Right, so what it doesn’t do is set it up to act like a job board tool for staffing agencies. So, what our plugin does is add profession and specialty taxonomies so that those are sortable fields. Our plugin also allows you to scrub off all of the company data on job listings in the job details and replace it with your own company’s information.

Premium Benefits

What are some premium benefits to WP Staffing that strengthen the utility for staffing agencies?

There’s also a Pro version of the plugin that allows you to hide different things that you wouldn’t want job seekers to see. For instance, you could hide the posted on date so older jobs won’t appear less valuable, or sometimes an agency won’t want to show the city of a particular job is located in, but they still need to track that information at the back end. It also can hide other stuff, like shift information if you don’t want to display that. There’s also a couple other handy things that we’ve added, like color pickers to help you match the colors to your brand.

Integrating With WordPress

So why the integration with WP Job Manager instead of just rebuilding the plugin from scratch?

Working with WP Job Manager allows us to still use the plugin for what it’s good for, which is a really tight integration with the WordPress platform. So, all of your jobs are posts in the back end, and those posts can then be entered into your sitemap for Google indexing. They have Google schema on the page. It’s really solid mark-up, and for developers, the plugin is a really great platform for extending and customizing functionality any way a staffing company might need it to be customized. But then we added all the extra stuff shown below.

WP Staffing Customizer

This plugin takes WP Job Manager to the next level for professional staffing agencies.
Add extra filters to your job search form and taxonomies to your job listing:

  • Professions
  • Specialties

Add a recruiter to a job 
Set global information for all job listings:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Website

WP Staffing Customizer Pro

 Add extra fields to the job listing:

  • Branch
  • Work Start
  • Shift Information
  • Job Source Information

Easily Hide info from your job listing page:

  • Posted Date
  • City
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Website
  • Company Twitter
  • Tagline

This plugin also hooks into the WP Job Manager Applications plugin to track candidate analytics tags. Find out where your leads are coming from:

  • UTM_source
  • UTM_medium
  • UTM_campaign

Widget areas for the job search page and job listing page

Change your layout between grid, list, 2 column easily

Customize the colors in your job search widget with a color picker.

Learn More About WP Staffing

The out of the box solution from many ATS systems and other SaaS job boards ignore the fact that your WordPress website should be the hub of your marketing efforts. Our job board options keep users and google bots on your domain and don’t send job seekers to another website or display your jobs in an iframe.

Top Job Boards For Staffing

Top Job Boards For Staffing

Top Job Boards For Staffing

The very best job boards for staffing agencies & recruitment firms

General Job Boards

These job boards are great for posting just about any job. Although some of the niche sites can perform very well, these sites are more well known and get much more traffic than the other sites. On these powerhouse job boards you’ll probably spend a little more money to promote your jobs, but its worth it.

1. Indeed

Indeed. Hands down the biggest and baddest of all the job boards. What was once a job aggregator is now the best website online for promoting jobs. That being said, here are some restrictions for staffing companies and Indeed’s quality control team is pretty strict about the content they allow on their site. That means that you’ll have to work a little harder than normal making sure your job titles and descriptions are unique and follow their rules. Expect to increase your budgets over time as more staffing companies are catching on to the fact that this is the best job board out there. The good news is that Indeed offers a pay per click ad model which allows you to easily scale your marketing efforts and adjust your strategy from day to day. If you could only promote your jobs on one website, it should be

2. Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter has some great features and service offerings but can fall flat for some industries. One thing that I’ve learned here is that you have to be vigilant about the quality of your job descriptions and job titles. You can’t be lazy, you have to be creative and test performance as if that text we ad copy (because it is). Zip Recruiter offers a service called Zip Alerts that targets job seekers in their email inbox. This service has been effective in our testing for several different staffing industries including healthcare and tech staffing.

3. Linkedin

The professional social media site is a great place to promote your jobs for many different industries. Depending on how many recruiters you have you may want to restrict who has permission to promote jobs here as you may end up having recruiters doubling up on candidates and stepping on each other’s toes. We’ve found Linkedin to be most effective for corporate recruiting, sales and tech staffing. In addition to being a great place to post and promote your jobs, Linkedin is also a great site for sourcing talent & recruiting. Make sure your agency has a strong presence on Linkedin if you plan on promoting jobs.

4. Facebook

FB has always been a good recruiting tool for staffing agencies. Whether you’re advertising your business, participating in groups, building your recruiters’ social branding, or communicating with potential candidates Facebook is an exceptional tool for staffing. Jobs on Facebook was first released in February of 2017 with mixed reviews. Combining targeted ads with Job postings is an effective way to direct traffic to your jobs, your website and get more leads. Facebook targeting is robust in that it allows you to target by age, gender, location, profession, interest, email, phone number and even behaviors. You can generate retargeting audiences from your website to advertise to job seekers who have viewed your jobs but haven’t viewed your conversion confirmation page. The power of Facebook as a recruiting engine should not be underestimated.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is most well known as a database of company reviews, salary reports, and CEO approval ratings. Logically, it quickly became a place for job seekers to find great companies to work for. As a staffing agency Glassdoor is a great tool for recruiting and company branding. In addition to being an effective place to promote your jobs, Glassdoor is vital for building brand trust. Candidates that apply on Glassdoor tend to be more discerning than the average applicant. This is probably due to the fact that their researching employers before applying.

6. Monster

From the job seeker perspective, Monster compares nicely to Indeed. From the staffing agencies perspective, it barely compares. Monster doesn’t offer a pay per click ad model like Indeed and other job boards. They’re stuck in the old school “pay a flat fee per job” business model. This works well for companies advertising a handful of jobs but it quickly becomes extremely costly or unscalable for most staffing companies. As one of the most well known and trafficked websites on this list, it’s a shame Monster isn’t higher on the list.

7. Career Builder

Despite having one of the worst logo rebrands of 2015 Career Builder is still a player in the job board game. Don’t underestimate them. If you haven’t used them and have an advertising budget that isn’t abysmally low, you should test Career Builder out. We recommend starting off small and building your campaign once you’ve established effective positions & locations to promote.


Much like most job boards, only offers “job slots” type promotion. This means that you have a limited number of jobs that you’re allowed to promote at any given time. That being said, it can cost as little as $30 per job slot. The site also offers resume database access which is popular among many other job boards. tends to be less effective for highly technical positions like developers, nurses, and doctors but can be very effective for other types of jobs. As #7 on this list I wouldn’t prioritize over other general job boards. However, if you have a budget to test, it’s worth a shot.

9. Google Job Search

Technically Google Job Search should be higher on the list. Also, Google Job Search technically isn’t a job board. But it is one of the most powerful and cutting-edge ways to promote your jobs online. Google doesn’t actually allow you to “post” jobs to their careers search engine. Instead, they’ve developed a method for your jobs to be found by their crawlers. There are two ways to get your jobs picked up in Google Job Search. The first, direct integration, is the most straightforward and, from our experience, the most effective. In order to directly integrate with Google, you have to implement a structured data markup on your job details pages and job search results (this is assuming you have your ATS integrated into a job board on your website). There are a few other requirements and Search Console can be used to view the success of your efforts. The other option for getting your jobs listed in Google job search results is by using a third party job site that already integrates with Google. You should already be posting your jobs on many of these sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Monster. There are a number of technical reasons why your jobs may not be appearing in Google’s job search results. Reach out if you’re having trouble getting integrated.

10. Jobs2Careers

You’ll want to work closely with your Jobs2Careers account rep as they have the control to open the floodgates or give you some really targeted traffic. The quality of candidates can vary greatly so it’s important to communicate to your account rep about what’s working. Jobs2Careers, like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, offers a Pay-Per-Click ad solution that allows you to only pay for the clicks or applications that you receive. This is great for agencies who have a limited budget and no time to waste testing job sites that don’t deliver. While J2C is quite far down on the list, it’s a tool that we often recommend to our clients. J2C tends to be most effective in retail, sales & corporate recruiting, and hospitality but has also proven itself time and time again in the healthcare industry (nursing, allied, and locum tenens).

11. Simply Hired

In May of 2016 Simply Hired announced that it was shutting down. Fast forward to July and Recruit Holdings, the same company that owns Indeed, acquired Simply Hired. Since then, it’s been as effective as ever as a recruiting tool. When you promote your jobs on Simply Hired it gets distributed across hundreds of affiliate job boards. Simply Hired is a potent source of lead volume. Quality is the real problem here and it can be difficult to nail down quality leads for highly technical positions in healthcare and information technology. If your agency is in need of a massive amount of leads to call on, train your recruiters with, or you’re staffing for an industry such as retail, hospitality or sales utilizing Simply Hired in your strategy is recommended.

Healthcare Job Boards

Healthcare Staffing is one of the biggest industries in staffing in the United States. Recruiters all over the country are jockeying for position in an extremely competitive field. Whether your agency staffs registered nurses, physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, or any other position in the healthcare industry these job boards will be valuable to your marketing efforts. Ranking these sites has proven to be difficult since they all have pros and cons with varying levels of efficacy and are often for completely different industries (locum tenens vs travel nursing for instance).

1. Travel Nurse Source

One of our favorite Track5Media websites is Travel Nurse Source. The site accepts XML job feeds from most applicant tracking systems and has an API for you to easily integrate your jobs into their search engine. Travel Nurse Source (TNS) has also been around for a long time and it has developed a huge database of candidates which you can access, downloading full records of their application & resume. For that reason alone this is one of the most effective niche tools for travel nurse recruiters online. There are other opportunities on TNS to promote your business and with the applications downloaded from TNS you can create remarketing audiences to be used on Facebook and Google Adwords.

2. Allied Travel Careers

Another of our favorite sites from Track5Media, Allied Trave Careers (ATC) is a powerful tool for recruiters in allied healthcare. Find candidates for everything from Med Tech, Lab Tech and X-Ray Tech positions to SLP, PT and OT positions. Some of the biggest players in Allied Staffing promote their jobs here, and for good reason. If you’re looking for another place to promote your jobs in allied healthcare, this is where we recommend going immediately after Indeed.

3. Nurse Grid

Nurse Grid is a new-ish calendar and shift exchange application for nurses. It allows you to create a profile, select the facility you work for, and communicate with other nurses in your unit, mainly for the purpose of trading shifts. They also market their product to nurse managers who can use the app for managing their unit. The app also allows for job listings which is great since you have a captive audience of exclusively qualified candidates. While this option hasn’t been tested as much as all others, there is a very high potential upside. It’s absolutely worth testing. If you’ve promoted jobs on Nurse Grid we’d love to hear from you.

4. Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiter is one of the more established and well-known niche nurse job boards. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. While it’s definitely an effective site, as it becomes more popular it also becomes more competitive and expensive. We always recommend proven lead sources like Nurse Recruiter to our clients but also love to test new opportunities and growth hack our clients to the top of their industry. Nurse Recruiter will make a safe and effective part of the digital marketing strategy for your staffing company.


This site is primarily a learning resource for nurses but has developed into a substantial lead source for travel nurse agencies. It is expensive, and can be hit or miss in terms of generating enough leads. There are additional benefits associated with being an advertiser here including added brand awareness and trust building in the nurse community.

6. Explore Health Careers

Explore Health Careers (EHC) produces a lot of content and resources that tend to lean toward nursing students and new grad nurses. This means that it may be less effective for travel nurse staffing agencies that often require nurses to have a minimum of 2 years experience before traveling. However, advertising on a site like EHC is effective at building brand recognition among students and new grads so that when they’re ready to travel, they already know you.


New Grad Physical Therapy is similar to EHC in that it tailors content toward students and new grads. This is less of an issue for allied healthcare staffing as new grads and clinical fellows are often embraced in the travel therapy industry. NGPT provides an interesting advertising model that can only be described as “custom”. They provide job listings, content promotion, inclusion on their social media profiles and other unusual perks. While this wont be the most effective tool in your arsenal, it’s worth looking into as an option.

8. Locum Jobs Online

Yet another site from Track5Media, Locum Jobs Online (LJO) is a robust marketing and lead generation resource for locum tenens staffing agencies. As one of the lesser well-known niche locum tenens job boards, it has less competition while simultaneously providing exceptional quality candidates. Volume tends to be lower than Track5Media’s other sites, but it’s definitely a highly recommended job board for locums agencies. The fact that LJO is #8 on this list doesn’t reflect how valuable it is. From our experience nursing and allied staffing deal in greater volume and therefore provide more leads. Unfortunately, that was one of the factors we looked at when choosing the rankings for this list. Promote your jobs freely and with confidence on LJO.

9. All Physician Jobs

Essentially a duplicate site of Locum Jobs Online, All Physician Jobs (APJ) is equally as valuable for locum tenens & physician staffing agencies. One thing to note about these sites is that they allow you to create recruiter profiles which can then be reviewed. This allows candidates to research recruiters and work with only the best. If you have a positive reputation and employ talented recruiters this could be a boon for your firm.


Primarily a source for hospital reviews, career guides and scholarships, also offers job promotion services. With a community of over one million nurses, this is another option for a nurse staffing firm looking to expand their marketing efforts. is somewhat untested for Staffing Nerd and our clients but could prove to be useful. If you have experience promoting jobs on we’d love to hear from you.

11. My CNA Jobs

Not all healthcare staffing agencies are interested in hiring CNAs. Those who are will find to be an practical source of applications. Although you may find that leads from Indeed are cheaper and more abundant, diversifying your efforts will be key to growing your staffing company.

Tech & Creative Job Boards

Staffing for information technology and creative jobs is difficult. You have one of the most Internet-savvy demographics as your potential candidate which means you have to be sharp. Utilizing cutting-edge tactics and venturing into the unknown is sometimes required to get a leg up on your competition. The following job boards are known to be useful tools for tech & creative staffing agencies. If you’re interested in growth hacking your industry with outside the box marketing strategies, hire Staffing Nerd.

1. Dice

Dice is owned by DHI Group, a parent company for many online job boards. Posting jobs on Dice is pretty spendy starting at $395 per job. Depending on your companies goals and advertising budget Dice may or may not be an option. If your agency is looking for a new lead source that has been proven to deliver, Dice is a great option. From our experience, it’s most effective for recruiting developers, engineers, and information architects but can be useful for recruiting game designers and other high tech designers.

2. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow claims that applicants will never receive recruiter “spam” or see fake job listings on their site. While I would hope that nobody is posting fake jobs, I feel like there are ways for tech staffing firms to promote jobs on Stack Overflow. It’s one of the best places online to promote jobs for developers so getting your jobs here has a lot of potential upside.

3. Angel List

Startups are always in need of developers. Angel List is one of the best places for candidates to find open positions. However, chances are you’re not a startup. So figuring out how to get your jobs on Angel List is key. Once you solve that problem, you’re in for some fun. Contact Staffing Nerd to discuss how we can help solve complicated problems like this.

4. Dribbble

Along with most job boards out there, Dribbble offers a per job pricing model. The power of Dribbble lies in its user base. With so many talented designers visiting the site every day, Dribble has a captive and targeted audience waiting to apply for your positions.

5. Krop

Krop is a great site for creatives who are looking for new work. Similar to dribbble there are awesome portfolio building tools and the site is very robust from the candidates perspective. The job seekers user experience is excellent on Krop. From the employer/staffing agency perspective, it’s pretty good as well. They only offer single job postings for about $200 per job. This is pretty typical but considerably more affordable than some job boards. Krop also offers access to a database of over a hundred thousand resumes. This monthly subscription service grants you unlimited access to resumes for creative talent. This makes Krop a great tool for recruiters looking for top talent. Utilizing this tool you can sort by location, experience, specialties, education, availability and even willingness to relocate.

6. Behance

Behance was one of the first portfolio sites to make it big by being sold to Adobe in 2012. Since then the site hasn’t looked back. As a portfolio service for creatives, it’s top notch. As a tool for recruiters and marketers working in the staffing industry, it leaves something to be desired. Posting a single job is pretty spendy with Behance. They also have an option called Adobe Talent Unlimited which costs $1,500/mo. Now before you scoff at the price tag think about what the product offers, which is a lot. Adobe Talent Unlimited grants you unlimited job postings on Behance. While this sounds amazing, there are some cons to the service. First, when you search for creative jobs on Google (which is what most job seekers do), Behance rarely ever shows up on the first page of search results. Second, unlimited posting means a lot of manual data entry and account management. If you choose to go this route, you may need to dedicate some serious hours to working Behance.

7. Authentic Jobs

Authentic is another creative job board for your agency to test out. We don’t have much experience using Authentic Jobs but this is primarily due to the higher cost of entry (#300 per 30-day job posting) and the lack of control managing budgets, bids, etc. According to our research, it appears to be popular with some big brands. However, we’ve never worked with a staffing agency who has successfully utilized Authentic Jobs in marketing efforts for their company.

Hospitality Job Boards

Hospitality staffing agencies provide a wide variety of laborers. This can make finding the right job board for hospitality staffing difficult. Whether its food services or hotels, the following job boards are effective tools for promoting your hospitality jobs.

1. Snagajob

Snagajob isn’t exclusively designed for hospitality jobs. However, it is tailored toward hourly jobs and focuses heavily on retail, food services, hotels, etc. The site can be frustrating from the user experience side of things. Navigating the site requires sifting through complicated lists of categories. That being said, the pricing model is very affordable and structured in a way that lends itself to staffing. Snagajob allows you to manage multiple locations with one listing which is great if you’re hiring for positions in multiple locations.

2. Hcareers

Hcareers is one of the most prominent hospitality focused job boards online. The user experience for job seekers is better than most. However, for employers, they gate job posting with an annoying sales process. Hcareers resume search feature is valuable and can be a very effective recruitment tool. Since turnover is so high in many hospitality industries, even if your contacts are currently employed it can be good to simply make contact.

3. Hospitality Online

Many major hotel chains actively use Hospitality Online on a regular basis. That may or may not be the reason their price tag is so high. Although the site isn’t a huge powerhouse in organic search engine rankings, it does appear to get a lot of traffic (most likely paid traffic). This means that there are going to be a lot of qualified job seekers seeing your jobs. That being said $485 is pretty steep for something like a janitorial position.

4. Craigslist

The job board on Craigslist is a mixed bag. Chances are you’ll get a lot of unqualified candidates. That being said, it’s pretty affordable and the Craigslist job board lends itself to entry level positions and jobs that don’t require higher education or a lot of experience.

Corporate Recruiting & Sales Job Boards

For all you internal corporate recruiters out there looking to hire new recruiters for your staffing agency, these job boards are for you. Obviously, some of the top generic sites are going to be more effective but if you have the budget and/or the time testing out some of these sites could prove to be very valuable.

1. Ladders

Ladders exclusively promotes jobs that pay over $100k a year. This is where you want to go if you’re hiring for a director role, an executive, a high-end developer, sales manager or any other position that might rake in a hefty salary. Ladders is state of the art from the job seeker and employers perspective. This makes sense as it’s selling itself as the premium site for premium corporate talent. Ladders does not disappoint.

2. Sales Heads

Sales Heads is similar to Sales Gravy from the job seekers perspective. But from the employers perspective, it’s much better. Sales Heads is owned by a company called Nexxt that has a robust job promotion network and unique pricing structures for staffing agencies.

3. Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy is kind of herky-jerky. The site itself is built well and has proper functionality but it looks a little dated and has an awkward setup for employers. Posting a single job is actually pretty affordable but there are a number of issues with their dashboard. I wouldn’t highly recommend Sales Gravy but if you’re looking to branch out and test a new job board for hiring recruiters and sales professionals, this is a good option to try.

Cannabis Job Boards

Cannabis staffing is a quickly growing industry. With several new states legalizing cannabis for recreational use each year, the need is increasing exponentially. Many positions in the industry have high turnover rates (budtenders, trimmers, etc.) so it’s important for cannabis staffing companies to build a steady pipeline of candidates. Because many job boards are wary of the legal implications of promoting cannabis jobs they shy away from it. Which means cannabis staffing companies like yours have to use third-party job boards like the ones listed below.

1. Green Street Jobs

Green Street Jobs (GSJ) provides some interesting solutions to many of the issues that plague the cannabis staffing industry. When applying the site requires candidates to rank their skills and experience from 1-10. Then from the employer side, you can filter out candidates who don’t meet your criteria. Also when posting jobs you can customize the requirements to ensure that you only get interview qualified candidates. As of this writing, Green Street Jobs offered free job postings as well as premium options which is great, especially for new cannabis staffing agencies working with limited budgets.

2. 420 Careers

420 Careers offers free job postings as well as boosted jobs for only $50. Many leading cannabis staffing agencies are already posting here. The rules & regulations for posting on 420 Careers are pretty loose. Many companies post jobs that list the positions as multiple trimmer, budtender, and other jobs in cannabis across a whole state. This site is a great way for you to get your name out there and build brand recognition as well as collect leads for qualified candidates.

3. Weed Hire

Weed Hire doesn’t have the best user experience from the employer or job seekers perspective. Registering is kind of tricky but job postings are only $4.20 which is very affordable and kind of funny. Weed Hire also offers resume database access and “VIP” job postings for $500. The VIP package is very strange though. They give you 10 days to post up to 5 positions that last only 15 days on the site. This is abnormal for all job boards, even cannabis job boards. They quote a publication on the site that said: “Weed Hire is the of Marijuana”. We’re not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

4. Ganjapreneur

Ganjapreneur no longer has a job board. That being said, they do have a job board directory and a massive amount of clout in the industry and they’re one of the highest cannabis career sites online. Getting your cannabis staffing agency listed on Ganjapreneur’s industry directory will help your firm build brand awareness and potentially drive traffic to your jobs.


Marijuana Jobs and Cannabis Careers probably has the worst branding out of all cannabis job boards online. It’s almost as if they read an SEO article about exact match domain names from 2001 and built their business off of it. That being said, MJCC has a pretty decent site and affordable job postings. The biggest drawback is that they charge job seekers. Granted they only charge $10. But any cost to the job seeker is too much. When it comes to job boards the applicant is the commodity and it shouldn’t cost them money to apply.

6. Cannabis Jobs Board

Another winner of the boring website name award, Cannabis Jobs Board. Job postings are currently free and the site is associated with The THC University which means that you might find yourself interviewing trained, qualified job seekers for your positions.

7. 420 Jobs Board

One of the biggest problems that plagues the cannabis industry is brand recognition. With so many companies choosing generic names like 420 Jobs Board it’s hard to differentiate between who’s good and who’s not. 420 Jobs Board offers free job postings and premium upgrades. The site is very functional and has talent profiles which make recruiting a lot easier.


Social networking, dispensary maps, business listings, store, event calendar, and job board. is pretty bulky. That being said they have a job board and they have an active user base that will continue to drive traffic to your jobs if you promote them here. job postings are affordable and they’re live for 60 days instead of the standard 30 days. They also offer resume access and background check services.

9. THC Jobs

Update: THC Jobs is under new ownership and has a new site up. Available on the site is a signup for updates about the new sites launch date.

How To Find Influencers & Thought Leaders

How To Find Influencers & Thought Leaders

How To Find Social Influencers & Thought Leaders for Staffing

A comprehensive guide to discovering social influencers and thought leaders for marketers in the staffing industry.

What is an “Influencer”?

Influencers are influential individuals who have a captive audience online. Most often these individuals have social profiles with a lot of followers but they also have blogs or write for publications. Influencers are often referred to as thought leaders and are admired or respected for their opinions in their communities and industries. Influencers in the staffing industry aren’t always affiliated with staffing in any way. Your goal as a staffing marketer is to promote jobs to candidates and sell candidates to employers. Therefore, influencers will often be people who work in the field of your target candidate. For example nurses (for travel nursing), developers (for tech staffing), physical therapists (for allied staffing), designers (for creative staffing), doctors (for locum tenens), etc. There are a number of ways to find & identify influencers as well as ways to gather their contact information for later use in influencer marketing & outreach campaigns.

Finding Social Influencers

Follow these steps to identify & collect influencer information.

1. Start Searching

Search your favorite social site (Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) using keywords associated with your industry. For instance, if you’re a travel nursing agency, you’ll want to search for keywords similar to “travel nurse” or “registered nurse”. The search results will probably contain a lot of competitors as well as a lot of noise. Sift through the results to find individuals who have followers.

2. Follow Them

This step is often overlooked but you should really connect with influencers. You’ll eventually want them to help promote your brand and in order to get to that point, you’ll have to build rapport with them. Follow them, retweet them, share their posts, talk with them, tell them stories, tell their stories. Get involved in the community that they have influence over. Do this and you too could soon become an influencer.

3. Search For More Info

Now that you’ve found an influencers social profile you’ll want to collect more information on them. Searching on social you’ve probably found their name, their “brand”, one of their social profiles and maybe a website. Chances are you’ll probably want more than that. In order to get more info, you’ll want to search Google using their name, their brand, or their website. Once found you’ll want to look for their email address and record info like other social profiles, websites they may blog for, events they attend, etc.

4. Record Contact Info

I prefer to use a spreadsheet with multiple tabs for different professions or social platforms. However you choose to record the information, you’ll want to jot down the influencers name, profile URL or handle and their website (if they have one). Gathering all this information in one place will allow you to more easily coordinate an influencer marketing campaign or an outreach campaign.

Many social platforms will suggest similar profiles to you. Utilize these features to bolster your efforts.

Finding Blog Influencers

1. Start Searching

Like the social process above we start by searching. Pull up Google and start searching for keywords related to your industry. For instance, if you’re in travel nursing search for “nursing blogs” or “nursing blog”. You will most likely find a lot of blog posts listing the best nursing blogs. This is a great place to start. However, you and everyone else who has thought about finding influencers have already used these lists. You may need to dig a little deeper into the search engine results pages.

2. Search For More Info

Now that you have an influencer’s blog, visit their site and look for social profiles, email addresses and other bits of contact information that could be used to contact them. If no email address can be found, record the URL of their contact page. You can also try searching their name with “email” in quotes. This will yield results in which their name appears on a web page with the word “email”.

3. Record Contact Info

Log everything in an organized way for later use. If you want to be extra meticulous, take notes on where you left off while working on this project. That way you can come back and pick up exactly where you left off. This project is never-ending and as you naturally discover influencers through your other marketing research efforts. Continue growing your influencer documents as needed.

Using Tools

1. Social Listening

Social listening is an aspect of social media monitoring that covers the tracking of conversations involving chosen subjects, phrases or keywords. This allows you to identify thought leaders that you might not have been able to find mining influencers manually. For example, you would enter into your social listening tool the topic of “travel nursing” and it would monitor Twitter and other social sites for uses of that phrase or related phrases. Looking through the feed you’ll eventually find influencers who are engaging in discussions surrounding your chosen topic. There are dozens of services and software suites out there that offer social listening services. We recommend trying out HootSuite or SproutSocial.

2. Hashtag Research

As you’re reaching out to influencers and sharing your lead magnet with them, you should also be trying to grab their attention by using relevant keywords. Hashtag research tools will help you do this effectively while also allowing you to find new influencers using hashtags you’re already familiar with. We recommend trying out FollowerWonk, TweetDeck, and KeyHole to start.

3. Google Alerts

Setting up Google Alerts will allow you to stay on top of topics as they emerge in the search engine. When people start talking about the next ice bucket challenge, you’ll know. Using Google Alerts will enable your staffing agency to stay ahead of the curve on current events and the social media zeitgeist.

How To Utilize Influencers in Staffing

There are dozens of ways to leverage influencers and thought leaders for your staffing agencies marketing efforts. Simply requesting that they take notice of you and help promote your business won’t work. You’ll need to be creative and produce something of value that’s worth talking about. That’s where we at Staffing Nerd come in. We’ll help your staffing company become more newsworthy and coordinate an outreach program that captures the attention of influencers in your industry.

Start Leveraging Social Influencers

MozCon 2018

MozCon 2018

About Moz

Moz is one of the most well known and prominent SEO resources in the world. Originally known as “SEO Moz”, they dropped the “SEO” when they eventually became more than a tool for Search Engine Optimization. Now an extremely valuable resource for digital marketers, Moz also hosts one of the best marketing conferences in North America.

About MozCon

July 9-11, 2018 – Seattle, WA

MozCon 2018 is a great opportunity for marketing experts in the staffing industry to learn and grow their skill set. This three-day conference takes place in Seattle, WA and includes sessions, presentations and networking with some of the brightest minds in digital marketing. By attending you’ll have access to professionals on the cutting edge of the industry sharing tactics for search engine marketing. In addition to SEM, MozCon will have sessions on brand development, mobile marketing, social media, content marketing and much more.

Why You Should Go

I don’t doubt that this year’s conference will continue the tradition of delivering actionable strategies for your staffing agency. One of the best aspects of this conference is the networking opportunities. As a staffing agency, you’ll be somewhat of an interloper. Most of the professionals here are from marketing agencies. That’s a great place to be in. Firstly, you won’t be seen as a competitor, which could allow others to let their guards down, giving you an opportunity to learn more from them. The second reason is that you’ll have a unique opportunity to recruit talented marketing professionals for your agency.

Zip Recruiter (& Zip Alerts)

Zip Recruiter (& Zip Alerts)

There are a lot of job boards online and many offer similar promotional/advertising products which allow you to promote your jobs. Zip Recruiter is one of the most prominent of these job boards. It’s up there with Monster, Jobs2Careers, and CareerBuilder (not quite Indeed’s level, but then again no one is so…). ZipRecruiter is a lot like these other sites except that it’s designed for staffing/recruiting. The big difference is that Zip Recruiter offers a Pay Per Click (PPC) service via email alerts called Zip Alerts.

Zip Alerts

Zip Recruiters email based PPC service allows you to target qualified candidates in their inbox on a daily basis. The service is pretty effective and often yields conversions (applicants/candidates) for the same price if not cheaper than Indeed. Here’s how it works. When a candidate goes to ZipRecruiter, or one of their tertiary job boards, they perform a search and get the option to receive email alerts about similar jobs. Those alerts get sent to their inbox whenever there are jobs that fit their search criteria. If you’re in the Zip Alerts program you get priority over all other jobs and appear in better positions, more frequently than organic jobs. When a candidate clicks on a link for your job they go directly to your website. Since it’s Pay Per Click you only pay for performance. Unlike many other services that you pay a flat fee and hope for the best ZipAlerts allows you to maximize your budget.

Success Stories

I’ve worked with dozens of IT/medical staffing companies who have used ZipAlerts. While managing the advertising for these clients ZipAlerts has been a staple. While Indeed was always the largest source of leads for my clients, ZipAlerts was a close second and it consistently yielded high quality leads at a great price.

Most of my experience with ZipAlerts has been in the medical staffing arena and it’s been great for travel nursing & allied healthcare. A few of my past IT staffing clients have used it and had a lot of success. There is a limit to the amount you can spend before you start to see diminishing returns on your financial investment but it’s close to on par with Indeed. As in most cases it depends on the amount of jobs you have, as well as the different specialties and cities/regions in which they’re located.

Of course Zip Recruiter also allows you to post your jobs which then get circulated through their network of job boards and they even offer branded landing pages that allow you to collect applications in a mobile friendly environment.

Getting Started

ZipRecruiter has a great staff. I met some of their people at industry conferences over the years and they have been invaluable in providing support with their products and services. The best way to get started is to reach out to their sales department and get in touch with an account rep.

How To Post A Job On Indeed

How To Post A Job On Indeed

There are a few different ways to promote jobs on Indeed including an automated feed method that allows you to setup campaigns. In this post we’ll be covering how to create a manually posted job (also known as Indeed hosted jobs).

After you’ve created your account go to “Employers/Post Job” then click the blue button on the right hand side of the screen that says “Post Job”

From here you can enter a job title, description and additional details such as requirements, experience and special questions you want to ask the candidate as they apply.

After that, set your budget and click continue. There will be one last screen to verify your information is correct before you submit the job for promotion.

Note: You can choose to keep the job free, although it will get fewer impressions, clicks and applications if you don’t sponsor the job.

Promoting Jobs
There are two different methods for promoting Indeed hosted jobs. The first and more straightforward method is called “Simple”. It allows you to set a monthly or daily budget for the job. This method uses Indeed’s Bid Optimizer tool which sets a competitive bid for you based on what other advertisers are bidding. This can get expensive when all other advertisers are bidding high or using Bid Optimizer as well.

The second method (which I prefer) is called “Advanced”. Advanced bidding allows you to set a lifetime budget for the job and set a maximum cost per click bid. This Max CPC is the most you’re willing to spend on a click. This can be a more effective way to get more applications for cheaper. But it’s also more difficult and requires more experience in the industry.

I recommend starting low and increasing your bid as you monitor performance. Also, the more competitive the industry and the more requirements there are for the positions (nurses, developers, etc.) the higher you’ll need to set your Max CPC. For more entry level jobs (sales, retail clerks, etc.) you can bid lower and get better results.

Watch The Video From Indeed

The giphy’s from above have been taken from this Youtube video produced by Indeed.