Brand Guide

Staffing Nerd was created in 2017 out of a need in the staffing industry. The marketing, design/dev, and content professionals that work with Staffing Nerd have decades of combined experience working at staffing agencies as well as within marketing firms that specialize in staffing. In that time we’ve seen many traditional and digital marketing & design agencies make several mistakes which have resulted in real world damage to staffing agencies. This is due to a lack of understanding about how the staffing industry works and an unwillingness to learn the intricacies which make the staffing industry unique. Staffing Nerd as a company solves those problems and Staffing Nerd as a brand is designed to evoke comfort, trust, and expertise. Expertise and trust are conveyed through the nerdy design. Big thick rimmed glasses and the name “nerd” display that we’re passionate about what we do, and we’re technically extremely proficient. The comfort comes with knowing that we’re familiar with those staffing intricacies that make your business unique.


The colors selected for the Staffing Nerd brand are clean and modern but colorful. We wanted to express our variety of expertise with a friendliness that makes us approachable. We’ve branded our brand colors as Staffing Nerd Royal (SN Royal), Staffing Nerd Turquoise (SN Turquoise), Staffing Nerd Rad Red (SN Rad Red), Staffing Nerd Blue (SN Blue), Staffing Nerd Cool Grey (SN Cool Grey), and Staffing Nerd Gold (SN Gold).

“SN Royal”
Hex (#2E5C84)
CMYK (81,58,20,13)
RGB (60,96,139)

“SN Blue”
Hex (#4183BD)
CMYK (78,45,9,5)
RGB (59,119,171)

“SN Turquoise”
Hex (#4FBDAC)
CMYK (66,0,41,0)
RGB (73,191,171)

“SN Cool Grey”
Hex (#D8D8D8)
CMYK (14,11,11,0)
RGB (216,216,216)
PANTONE Cool Grey 2 UP

“SN Rad Red”
Hex (#FC4A1A)
CMYK (0,88,96,10)
RGB (217,64,35)

“SN Gold”
Hex (#F5B54E)
CMYK (3,31,80,0)
RGB (245,181,78)


Our brandmark appears solo or with our wordmark either above or to the left of the wordmark. The Staffing Nerd brandmark is designed after the hair style and glasses style of founder Samuel Miller.

Staffing Nerd Brandmark
(Lookin’ Nerdy)

Staffing Nerd Brandmark
(Horizontal Layout)

Staffing Nerd Brandmark
(Vertical Layout)


The Staffing Nerd wordmark is designed using the Poppins Bold typeface. It appears in two formats, vertical (the word “staffing” appearing above the word “nerd”) and horizontal (“staffing” appearing to the left of “nerd”).

Staffing Nerd Wordmark
(Vertical Layout)

Staffing Nerd Wordmark
(Horizontal Layout)


The Staffing Nerd website and print materials utilize the same typeface used in the wordmark, Poppins. Headings use the Staffing Nerd colors with Poppins Bold while subtitles use Poppins Regular. The body font of the website and most print materials utilizes Open Sans Regular.

Weight: Bold
Color: #4fbdac
Size: 30px

Weight: Regular
Color: #2e5c84
Size: 23px

“Open Sans”
Weight: Regular
Color: #666666
Size: 16px