Sam Miller

Sam Miller is the original staffing nerd. Sam has been working as a marketing & business development professional in the staffing industry since 2015 with alternative industry experience for nearly a decade. Early on he discovered that many staffing firms suffer from a lack of sincerity in their branding and marketing efforts as well as struggle to record accurate conversion analytics which in turn has a negative effect on reaching target audiences. He believes that by creating clarity between marketing efforts and key performance indicators the staffing industry can become more authentic. Sam is a huge fan of data/performance-driven strategies and loves bringing this to the staffing industry. It is his way to contribute to meaningful employment. When he’s not “nerding out” on SEO and user experience metrics, you can find him exercising or playing fetch with his chiweenie, Biscuit.

Katy Bailey

Katy Bailey has been an experienced digital marketer for almost a decade. Upon graduating with a BBA in Marketing in 2011, she discovered a love of social media marketing. After having the opportunity to work in several different industries, including ecommerce, publishing and financial services, she has been able to obtain a thorough understanding of key tactics involved in internet marketing. Katy loves digging into data to determine the strategies already working for a business and what could use a little TLC. Her certifications include Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager, as well as the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate. After getting bug-eyed in front of her monitor, you can find her out walking her dogs, knitting or working on one of the dozens of restoration projects of her hundred-year-old Victorian farmhouse.

Phe Le

Phe Le is a web developer with over ten years of experience. He loves creating beautiful and functional websites. Phe has developed websites for a diverse variety of industries and he understands what it takes for each individual client to be successful online. We at Staffing Nerd rely on Phe’s keen eye for detail and efficiency. He is skilled in CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, knowledgeable in WordPress, eCommerce, APIs, and has a knack for Photoshop and Illustrator. Besides developing websites, Phe helps manage a few online businesses. Business management uniquely connects him to the client related experience.

Rubina Martini

Rubina Martini is a creative director with fifteen plus years of experience. With a background in art, multimedia production, web design and writing they can be counted on to envision the creative path for each project’s entirety. Having a gift for collaboration, Rubina manages the team tasks and project development here at Staffing Nerd. Rubina is well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite, Hootsuite Social Media & Marketing Platform, and Squarespace as well as content writing and email marketing. In addition to cheerleading the team at Staffing Nerd, Rubina co-owns a hospitality business on a 4.5 acre homestead.