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Staffing Nerd marketing services (PPC, SEO & Social) are tailored to the unique needs of staffing agencies like yours.

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Our web design and print design services cover all of your needs, propelling your company above the competition.

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Our dev team is made up of talented programmers who have experience building state of the art staffing sites.

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Who is Staffing Nerd?

We are a talented team of marketers, designers & developers who have been successful in startups, agencies and the staffing industry. Staffing Nerd was founded in 2017 by digital marketing nerd Sam Miller and is based out of Portland, OR. In our first year, we focused on delivering unmatched service to our clients and have fostered a culture of excellence and ingenuity. Technology and creativity drive our evidence-based approach to marketing. Tracking, reporting and optimizing performance are key in the staffing industry.

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